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How do you make a vinyl record?

We use a special record lathe to cut audio grooves into blank vinyl discs. The grooves are cut in real-time; if your audio is 15 minutes long, it will take us 15 minutes to make each copy of your record. We make each record one at a time.

Will it sound the same as pressed vinyl?

Our production team works to achieve a sound close to pressed vinyl. As we make each record manually, one at a time, there will be subtle differences between each copy. With all lathe cuts, it's expected that the final product may be less dynamic, slightly quieter, slight roll-off of hi-end frequencies, and surface noise is expected (although minimal). However, much of the quality is determined by the master audio you send us.

When do I upload my music and art?

You will be emailed a link to the Vinylizer Uploader after check-out.

What are the quality and format requirements for the sound files/images I upload?

Audio Submissions: 44.1kHz or 48kHz, 16-bit or 24-bit WAV, AIFF or FLAC file formats are preferred. We will accept MP3 and other audio formats; however, the better your source audio, the better your record will sound.

Artwork Submissions: All artwork must be completed and mounted to our templates prior to submission, ready to be printed as-is. Please embed any linked images and outline all typefaces prior to submission as well.

Submissions should be 300 DPI and the artwork itself flattened. Please also remember to move the templates to a separate layer before flattening. In terms of file-format, PDFs are preferred, but we also accept EPS, AI, TIFF and High-Res JPG files as well. Please note: Low quality images will result in low quality prints.

Will the sound of my audio files be affected when put on a vinyl?

The bass frequencies will be slightly deeper. High frequencies in the side channels will be slightly rolled-off. The overall sound will be slightly rounder and warmer. There will be the occasional crackle or pop noise, as is generally found on vinyl records.

Are the records Stereo or Mono?

Our records are full Stereo. However, if you upload mono files, your records will be in mono.

Can I put any music on these records?

You must own the rights to the audio, or have permission from the rights holder. You cannot use our service to bootleg records from your favorite band, or make a mixtape for your sweetheart.

If you do have cover songs or other copyrighted material and require permission, you can secure licensing through The Harry Fox Agency (

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround times will vary due to the nature of our on-demand production, but is roughly 25-30 business days after approval of all materials submitted.

Do you have a sample to listen to?